Our loyalty program
increased CLTV at the Rosa Khutor resort
Industry: TOURISM


Rosa Khutor is the largest all-season mountain resort in the Adler district of Sochi. It is comprised of over 160 individual structures: hotels, restaurants, shops, a concert hall, and others.

Our goal was to achieve the following, despite the challenges posed by the resort's disparate offerings:
  • increase CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)
  • manage seasonal influx of tourists
  • motivate guests to take advantage of the resort's full spectrum of offerings, despite insufficient data regarding customer action.

Using our proprietary platform iLP_Data, we developed a loyalty program providing bonuses across the offerings at Rosa Khutor.

For Rosa Khutor partners lacking a unified transactional accounting system, we developed our App2App solution. This innovative system provides guest verification capabilities, QR-code scanning with transaction confirmation via fiscal data operators, and bonus-point accrual.

Guests are able to perform all their operations via a single app, which includes a virtual card linked to the user's phone number.

This solution made it possible to analyze guest profiles and preferences in real time, record purchases across resort offerings, obtain full transactional data, and implement predictive analytics.

As a result, the loyalty program attracted over 80,000 participants and brought a 17% increase in CLTV.


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