Using data from the National Consumer Promo
to increase sales volume
Client: MAKFA
Industry: FMCG


Makfa is a leading Russian producer of noodles and flour.
The Makfa brand is among the top 5 largest noodle producers in the world.

Goals: Attract consumer interest, increase brand loyalty, grow sales volume.
Focus: Product categories with insufficient turnover.
Geography: Russia.
Scope: All sales channels, full customer base.

Our task was to design and implement a program with the following parameters:

  • universally applicable across all sales channels
  • tech-driven and accessible in all regions of Russia
  • attractive and intuitive for consumers
  • protected by effective anti-fraud measures.

iLP_CRM_Platform provided the foundation for the Makfa National Consumer Promo. This platform collected, processed and analyzed data for automatic verification, sweepstakes, prize distribution, mailing lists, and more.

A wide variety of statistics from the promo could be viewed at any time, in various cross-sections.

The promo incentivized purchases and increased sales. Customers could scan QR codes on receipts to collect points across participating regions and retail outlets. The promo included a function aimed at identifying and blocking instances of foul play.

The promo achieved increased sales across all participating SKUs. We implemented a differentiated approach to point distribution, with parameters varying by product category.

We implemented an innovative promo design in which participants could win over 100,000 variously priced prizes that had been found relevant to the target audience. These prizes, supplemented by special events, drew interest to targeted products and provided dynamic growth in the form of new registrations across all participating regions. In all, over 300,000 customers participated in the promo.

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